Electric charging points for cars

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Electric charging points for cars – July 2024

Nationwide electric car charging points
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Barkers Home Tel 01609 776667 Location Yafforth Road DL7 8UB
Website https://www.barkershome.co.uk
Four devices Type 2 (7kW). Free to use subject to store opening times and barrier restriction. Cafe, furniture and homeware.
Crosby Road Car Park Tel 01482 320968 Location  DL6 1TR
2 devices, 4 points: all Type 2 (7kW). Free to use, pay parking charge. Open 24/7. Short walk to town centre.
Lidl Supermarket Tel 020 7247 4114 Location East Road DL6 1NW
1 pod point: CCS (50kW), CHAdeMO (50kW), Type 2 (22kW). 25p/kWh.
Vasstech Ltd Tel 01609 779041 Location Unit 2, Sam Turners Yard DL6 2XB
Website https://www.thevasstech.com/northallerton
Type 2 (22kW). Coffee and refreshments, WiFi, car maintenance. Mon-Thu:8:30am–5:30 pm, Fri:8:30am–5:00pm, Sat:8:30am–12:00pm
Woodlands Farm Tel 01609 883524 Location  DL6 3PY
Website https://www.woodlandsfarmthimbleby.com
Two Tesla (11kW). Hotel accommodation. Free to use for customers.


Market Place Car Park Tel 01609 779977 Location (close to information centre) YO7 1EY
Website https://www.zap-map.com/pts/2f5zxi7
Free to use, only pay for parking (2hr max). Shops, pubs, cafes, toilets all available close by. Open 24hrs.
7kW 32A, 1-phase AC, Type 2 Mennekes
and two other connectors
Millgate Car Park Tel 0330 016 5126 Location Marage Road YO7 1PE
43kW, 63A, 3-phase AC, Type 2 Mennekes
50kW 125A, DC, JEVS (CHAdeMO)
50kW 125A, DC, CCS (Combo)
Shell recharge A168 Northbound Tel 01845 578957 Location  YO7 3HN
Website https://find.shell.com/gb/fuel/12038543-shell-gristhwaite/en_gb
CHAdeMO (50kW), CCS (50kW), Type 2 (43kW). Open 24hrs. Shop, Deli, toilet.
Starbucks A168 Southbound Tel 0808 281 4444 Location  YO7 3HN
4 devices: CCS (50kW), CHAdeMO (50kW)